Norse Serves Customers in

Financial Services, Technology & Government

With the World's Largest Single-Source Up-to-the-Second Database of Live Threat Intelligence

Norse Delivers Real-Time Visibility into Cyber Attacks in Progress All Over the World

Norse operates a global Tier 1 carrier-grade network of more than 8 million sensors, purpose-built for being attacked. Norse never repackages open-source intelligence. All our intelligence is original and organic. When our sensors are hit, they trace those threats back to the source, then deliver that information to you — with actionable context — all within 5 seconds.

Norse Operates


Core Routers on the Tier 1 Fiber Rings


Countries Around the Globe


Autonomous System (AS) Numbers


Datacenters Worldwide

In virtually all of the /8 class A networks on the planet
Norse Tracks More Than


TOR Exit Nodes
Norse Discovers More Than


New "Species" of Malware Every Day
Norse Emulates More Than


Different Types of Commonly-Attacked Software & Devices
Norse Scans Almost


Terabytes a Day

of Threat Traffic
Norse CEO Sam Glines with IT Harvest's Richard Stiennon at Black Hat 2014
Sinet Award
SC Magazine Awards Finalist 2014: Honored in the U.S.
Gartner 2014 Cool Vendor
Internet Technology Entepreneur Network
GEA Award 2014
Verified Vendor 2014
Red Herring Award Finalist (Global)
Red Herring Award Finalist (N. America)
Edison Awards 2015 Nominee
The Golden Bridge Awards Best Worldwide