Live Threat Map

Norse delivers continuously-updated, unique Internet and darknet attack intelligence that helps organizations block attacks that other systems miss. The Norse live attack map is a visualization of a tiny portion (<1%) of the data processed by the Norse DarkMatter™ platform every day.

Live Threat Map
DarkWatch Screenshot

The first threat intelligence appliance specifically designed to detect and defend against the new sophisticated threats emerging from darknets and the rest of the Internet— attacks your current security infrastructure is missing.

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DarkViking Screenshot

Threat intelligence from the darknets, providing actionable, Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) to identify high risk traffic and detect advanced threats.

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Darklist Screenshot

Live, comprehensive darknet attack intelligence identifying the three million+ highest-risk IP addresses on the Internet at any given moment.

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Integrations Screenshot

Norse solutions easily integrate via RESTful APIs into your existing enterprise security solutions — IPS, SIEMs, UTMs, and more. Adding Norse live attack threat provides valuable context and information about malicious threats originating outside your network edge.

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Norse CEO Sam Glines with IT Harvest's Richard Stiennon at Black Hat 2014
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SC Magazine Awards Finalist 2014: Honored in the U.S.
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