About Norse

Norse is the leading innovator of live dark intelligence and adaptive security solutions that enable the proactive defense, rapid detection, risk-based response, and faster resolution of advanced cyberattacks. Norse's live dark intelligence platform continuously analyzes high-risk network traffic from the global Internet's darknets and the deep web, to proactively identify the sources, characteristics, and risk-levels of cyberattacks. Leveraging organizations' existing security infrastructure, Norse integrates with SIEM, big data security, and traditional security controls to provide an early detection system against advanced and emerging attacks enabling a more risk-aware and proactive security posture.


Our Mission is to provide customers with the most advanced live threat intelligence and solutions available, enabling them to minimize e-commerce fraud and prevent security breaches. Norse is a purpose-driven company, comprised of employees who have served in law enforcement, government, and technology and are committed to reverse the disturbing trend of damaging attacks against innocent organizations.

  • March 2014: Norse releases Threat Intel App for Splunk Enterprise
  • February 2014: Norse releases first threat report in conjunction with SANS — "Healthcare Cyberthreat Report — Widespread Compromises Detected, Compliance Nightmare on Horizon"
  • December 2013: Norse raises $10M in Series A funding
  • December 2013: Norse releases IPViking™ 2.0, including detection of malware in development and identification of devices including satellites, mobile devices and appliances attempting to connect to networks via malicious IPs
  • December 2013: Norse releases Darklist, the world's first comprehensive blacklist of the Internet's highest risk IPs.
  • October 2013: Norse integrates with McAfee CADS
  • July 2013: Norse-sponsored Ponemon Report reveals lack of live cyberthreat intelligence costs enterprises an average of $10 million over 12 months
  • January 2013: Norse opens Silicon Valley office focused on IT security
  • January 2013: Norse opens new St. Louis headquarters
  • Nov 2012: IPViking is launched as a stand-alone dark threat intelligence IT security solution
  • September 2012: Norse completes second major round of financing $3.5MM
  • December 2011: Global eTelecom, 2nd largest ACH processor integrates IPViking for use by its 55,000 merchants
  • November 2011: Merchant Partners, the country's 5th largest payment gateway implements IPViking to prevent eCommerce fraud after massive success in proof of concept for its 60,000 merchants
  • April 2011: Norse introduces its proprietary IPQ™ score, based on 1,500+ factors that drive risk for a network connection. April 2011: Norse launches nGate - secure payment gateway incorporating IPViking technology
  • April 2010: Norse Corporation is founded by Tommy Stiansen and Sam Glines