Proactively detect and prevent advanced cyber-threats and malware with intelligence-based security.

Traditional signature- and policy-based network security systems are reactive and often rely on incomplete data that is not up to date. As the effectiveness of these solutions continues to decline, organizations are being exposed to increased risk of security breaches, data exfiltration, loss of reputation and revenue from today's advanced cyber threats.

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Norse IPViking™ is a patent-pending SaaS service that gathers "dark intelligence" from the parts of the Internet where bad actors operate and delivers an actionable risk score that enables organizations to drastically reduce eCommerce fraud and increase their overall security posture. IPViking delivers machine-readable threat intelligence that can be integrated with an organization's existing security products and network devices. Through a flexible RESTful API or direct solution level integration, IPViking improves existing security solutions' ability to detect and block today's cyber threats and advanced malware before they enter the network. And because Norse's threat intelligence is live - intelligence is delivered to the customer within 5 seconds of its collection by Norse - and does not rely on signatures, the data is never out of date and constantly adapts to the Internet's changing threat landscape.

Key Features

  • Norse IPQ Score provides a risk weighted scoring system for improved decision making.
  • Advanced geolocation capabilities enable scoring of transactions and connections based on an IP address' geographical location.
  • Powerful security analytics provide rich contextual reporting.
  • Unique algorithms detect zero day and even pre-attack malware.
  • Machine-readable threat intelligence produced by IPViking ideal for integrating with existing solutions.
  • Custom API fields allow organizations to customize API scores using factors specific to their business.
  • Endpoint device identification provides additional context.
  • Robust infrastructure designed for extreme scalability and transaction speed.
  • Immediately effective solution requires no machine learning, building of rules engines, or establishing of statistical baselines.

Gathering "Dark Intelligence"

There are a growing number of threat intelligence vendors in the market, but most focus on traffic they see on their own networks or their customers' networks. Norse, on the other hand, focuses on network traffic from places on the Internet where bad actors are found. Tor proxies, botnets, IRC chat rooms and many other areas are a haven for attackers with ill intentions, and it is from these sources that Norse gathers its most useful intelligence.

IPViking Attack Flow

IPViking Technology

IPViking's global cyber intelligence network is comprised of millions of physical and virtual agents around the globe that gather live security intelligence on high-risk network traffic. IPViking continuously analyzes this live traffic data with powerful algorithms that assess over 1,500 different risk factors, which are used to calculate Norse's proprietary IPQ risk score within milliseconds. Norse's IPQ score provides organizations with a simple but powerful tool to assess risk levels and make allow/block/deny decisions in real time. Read more about Norse technology.

IPViking Use Cases:

IPViking can be integrated with edge network devices such as routers, firewalls, and load-balancers to mitigate or manage incoming connections that have a high associated risk. IPViking's live threat intelligence allows the customer to stop even unknown or unexpected attacks, including zero-day attacks, at the perimeter before they enter the customer network. This is even more crucial, since the bad actors continually change locations and techniques over the course of minutes.

IPViking can be used to prevent the most malicious and common attacks on a client's websites. This is done using the IPViking API and will enable the SMB website to be protected from such attacks as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and others. No hardware is needed, the installation straightforward, and no DNS redirect is required.

The use of an IPViking score in an online financial session can assist in controlling the use of illegally obtained login credentials to access financial accounts. The large numbers of data breaches, phishing and other methods of identity compromise have made it difficult to ensure that the true party is accessing the account. By requesting the risk associated with the IP address attempting the login, tighter controls can be implemented. The product can be layered into existing fraud control systems with little to no implementation expense with very low transactional costs.

IPViking can be used to detect when a business's servers communicate with high-risk locations (IPs) on the Internet, a strong indication of compromised hosts. Immediate and automated mitigation (blocking) can be implemented, as well as procedures for manual investigation and remediation.

IPViking can help qualify a transaction from a consumer through an online merchant account for payment purposes. IPViking is payment-type agnostic, supporting any payment platform. The live nature of the result allows any type of online merchant, whether a digital or hard goods provider, to make pre-authorization decisions as to the risk associated with the consumer initiated payment.

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